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Narrative Confirmed - De File
Does Collecting Make You Feel Dirty?
Narrative Confirmed
While I am compelled to acknowledge that Doug Christie is pretty damned good, my night has been spent dwelling on all the ways in which poor Mr. Webber inadvertently cemented his reputation as someone with both bad judgment and bad luck.

I mean, I know his knee is a mess and he deserves praise for making it back into the lineup before the playoffs. But how can anybody 6'9" make Larry Bird look like the second coming of David Thompson? Is it even possible for someone that tall to leave the ground and miss the rim by that much? Even Bavarian hops would have helped that bash.

Three times this happened, mind you!

I'll give credit for the top-of-the-key swishes, not to mention the valiant dribbling that put him in a position to fail so spectacularly to flush the toilet.

As for the missed lay-up -- another product of the inability to elevate -- I'm inclined to balance it out with the should-have-gone trey at the end of the contest.

Ah, Chris. Ah, humanity.

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