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Local and Global

Before I forget, I want to flag this nice piece of writing from Bob Mould about his recent trip back to Minneapolis.


As some of my readers may know, I've been obsessed with Mary Tyler Moore of late, even though I still haven't managed to save for the first-season DVD. I've always been a fan of the geographically specific, the preservation of the local in an era of what I might as well call "deterritorialization." My favorite thing about reading personal blogs is their ablity to restore a sense of neighborhood to a world in which one's interlocutors are as likely to be in Bangalore as next door.


Yes, I mean that literally: our phone rings every hour with some Indian gentleman -- sometimes aggressive, sometimes bemused -- trying to get a person who does not live in our house refinance her house. I have this fantasy of moving to India to work as a go-between in the information economy, but the relentless calls are souring me on the idea. I'll have to hunt down some personal blogs from the subcontinent to compensate.


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