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Lucky Seven

I wonder why more teams don't walk him:
Inning Log

San Francisco
-S Chacon relieved B Fuentes.
-Bottom of the 9th inning
-A Pierzynski popped out to third.
-D Mohr hit for J Brower.
-D Mohr walked.
-M Tucker hit for N Perez.
-M Tucker walked, D Mohr to second.
-E Alfonzo grounded out to shortstop, D Mohr to third, M Tucker to second.
-M Grissom singled to right center, D Mohr and M Tucker scored.
-T Harikkala relieved S Chacon.
-B Bonds homered to left center, M Grissom scored.

4 runs, 2 hits, 0 errors
Walk the fuck off, baby.
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