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I'm writing this from Main Street, USA, as we prepare to cap off an extremely full day at Disneyland and California Adventure. There were some rough patches, particularly towards the beginning. But the overall experience has been a big thumbs-up. Highlights include Skylar riding Big Thunder Mountain Railroad for the first time, our just-completed visit to the Lego store in Downtown Disney, a leisurely ride upon the Mark Twain, exploring the much-improved Tom Sawyer's Island, and the familiar comforts of the La Brea Bakery, home base for every one of our Disney days. Now it's time for the parade.

And, let me tell you, Skylar just loves that parade, even if she's seen it, what, five times in the past year. She just stepped into the street, new Lego princess crown proudly displayed, and twirled about in front of her audience, beaming at her delighted, if tired, mother. Tomorrow we're going to take it easy. But no one's going to take it hard. We're thoroughly pleased and thoroughly through.


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