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In case anyone was wondering where the mentality of suburban SUV drivers originates, here's a tale of good old-fashioned American self-reliance.

Isn't it awesome how every story like this contains a version of this statement:
"He's a teddy bear," Brown said. "He's a real lovable, soft, sweet guy."
The zoning dispute must have pushed him out of his pleasure zone. My favorite comment, though, comes from Shawn Nelson at Duke's Gunsmithing:
"People knew he was building the armored bulldozer, but they didn't know why he was building it."
I guess they presumed that this "teddy bear" was going to use his retrofitted wheels for the purposes of forest management.

People in privacy-free Modernist dwellings shouldn't throw projectiles, though. There's a guy down the street from me building a nuclear attack submarine. But I persist in the delusion that he's going to deploy it in the spirit of his idol Jacques Cousteau.

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