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Good Timing?

Here's the latest missive being sent out to Bush campaign volunteers:
Dear Charlie,

America has lost one of its greatest leaders.  President Reagan's optimism and vision restored America's spirit and helped to spread freedom and democracy.

On behalf of President Bush's campaign I would like to offer our sincerest condolences to Nancy Reagan and the Reagan family. Our nation mourns with you.

In this time of mourning, I encourage you to go to to read some of President Reagan's greatest speeches.   


Marc Racicot
Bush-Cheney '04
It's almost as handy as pulling Bin Laden out of wherever he's hiding. And Bush's people aren't afraid to say so, either:
"Even in his death, Ronald Reagan's timing is incredible," said one leading GOP insider, who -- like many interviewed for this story -- spoke on condition of anonymity. "He offers the chance for Bush to resurrect himself. ''
At least no one can accuse me of fostering a left-wing conspiracy theory.

As far as those "greatest speeches" go, does it matter to anyone that Reagan performed them -- ably, to be sure -- but did not write them?

Why not stream the performances instead of giving Peggy Noonan and the rest of the speechwriters short shrift?

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