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Good Tidings

My father just called to say that he's already back home from his kidney stone treatment. That's great news. It was really upsetting to hear that he was having so much pain on his birthday. I'm sure he'll enjoy the Picture CD of our recent Southern California vacation when it arrives later today.

Less dramatically, while I was on the phone with him I looked out the patio door and spied a tortoise! They have been extraordinarily elusive of late. But there was Felicia, making herself visible in a manner that I construed to be subtle hinting. I rushed outside before she could disappear, cutting the lettuce in front of her and then depositing at her feet. I think she understood what the sound of the scissors implied, just as the cats comprehend the distinct sound of the pantry door being opened.

Felicia ate and ate and ate. And let me tell you, there's not much cuter in this world than a toddler tortoise getting busy with greens.

I so wanted to give her a pat. But her meal was more important. I did give her a light shower, however, which did not distract her from the task at hand.


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