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Well, I had intended to compose one of my lengthy memory entries today, filling in blanks from the one about Lost In Translation, it being the anniversary of Kim and me meeting, back on October 30th, 1989.

I've also been working on a response to Laura's comments on charity and aggressivity.

But the day turned strange. Skylar was in an odd mood, behaving rather badly towards her mother. And Kim took it harder than usual, since she had cancelled her plans for a night out at the movies to engage in family activities with me and Skylar.

We didn't even get to make the chocolate pudding we'd been looking forward to.

But Kim and I did just watch much of Rosemary's Baby on DVD. What a wonderful movie.

Happy anniversary of meeting, Kim, our real anniversary. I'm so glad those Germans were sleeping on the floor in the living room.

Time to go curl up in bed.

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