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Today was alright, as days go. I exchanged witty remarks with Noma during a lengthy tooth-cleaning. I had a nice lunch with my stressed out "sex buddy". I met with Adrienne at the Starbucks on Swan, talking about her seminar paper for my post-1945 class, the ins and outs of graduate-school committees, and the Catalina Foothills District. I checked out the wares of the Apple Store, then joined the New Silver-driving portion of our domestic nucleus for a nice snack at AJ's. We arrived home to find an awesome package sent by an LJ friend. I made tasty burgers with pureed mushrooms and garlic. The Giants beat the Canadian out of the Blue Jays. And we read more of the first Harry Potter book as a family. But I'm still feeling rather dull.

Since I don't want my laziness to spill over into this forum, however, I marshaled the will to write the preceding paragraph. More impressively, I'm making the effort to present you with a picture that perfectly captures the way my mind feels right now:

I'll let you determine whether that's a good thing or not. . .


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