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Melancholy and the Still Strong Sadness

Reading danlmarmot's brief note about Kitty's imminent end and cpratt's moving recitation of good times with her naturally made us think of la bête grise. Not a day, not an hour goes by when we don't miss her bodily presence. Thankfully, her spirit still saturates our life. Her sofa projects it most powerfully -- why we're not giving it away anytime soon -- but it even comes from things we acquired after she was gone. More importantly, it comes from the Things, particularly Thing One, who has inherited Tibbs's herding instinct.

I hope Russ temporarily shelves his best karaoke voice sometimes and sings to you loud, off-key, and proud, the way you like it. My bald spot remembers your fanged kisses fondly. Sometimes Skylar sees you in the clouds. We love you, Miss World.


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