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Well, yesterday was not the best day of the year. Skylar came down with something on Friday, slept poorly and noisily. She woke up quite out of sorts on Saturday, but insisted that we take her to Wilcox -- a farming community 90 minutes SE from our house in northwest Tucson -- for a long-promised vegetable-picking expedition. And we had fun, though she was quite under the weather. The long drive sitting up in an air-conditioned car was definitely a good thing, though being out in the hot, dry air was not. At any rate, laden with lots of apples, peppers, and squash, not to mention a concrete "tortoise" for the backyard, we arrived home to realize that she had gotten a lot worse. She went to sleep, but was having so much trouble breathing that we called the advice nurse around midnight. She asked us to hold the phone up to her, sleeping, so she could listen to her breathing. Then she told us take her to the emergency room. Those aren't words parents want to hear, but it's better than the alternative. The time at Northwest Hospital was uneventful and amazingly short, only 90 minutes. We learned that Skylar was getting enough oxygen, the main thing, and brought her home. I slept on the futon in her room to monitor her. She had lots of trouble the rest of the night, but got a little better after dawn had come. Now she's much better, though still not good. And Kim and I are exhausted.

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