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Sonic You?

Unfortunately, Kim -- knicolini -- will not be able to attend the July 21st Sonic Youth show after all. She realized that a late night in the Phoenix area would be a little too much on top of her recent traveling, since she needs to be at work the next morning and has a full calendar to boot.

This means, however, that I will be using her ticket. If any of my readers are interested in meeting up with me, either in Tucson -- I'm driving -- or points north, let me know. I do prefer to travel with someone else.

As Kim noted in her entry from a few days back, seeing Sonic Youth live is a great experience if you love tripping out to driving, repetitive art noise that strides the glass-strewn path between hippy excess and meta-hippy inaccessibility. Fans of Neu!, Can, My Bloody Valentine, Stereolab and similar acts are pretty much guaranteed to enjoy themselves if they hold tightly on the reins of whatever anti-major label, anti-NYC, anti-oldster reflexes they may have.

Last time they toured the country, I drove to L.A. to see them, then rushed back in time for my first class of the 2002 fall semester. Indeed, I photocopied my syllabus at a Kinko's across from the El Rey theater on Wilshire, then had the pleasure of seeing Thurston, Kim, and Jim O'Rourke debate their next moves of the evening after emerging from their backstage activities. I did not say, "Hi," even though they were right next to my car, because, well, they seemed to be in a not-wanting-to-be-bothered mode. Then again, I'd already interviewed Thurston at great length for Punk Planet back in 2000, so my need for contact had already been sated.

Incidentally, the Goo tour was the first concert I attended with Kim. Nirvana was the opening act.

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