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The Use of a Model

The other day after the disappointing Spider Man 2, we got Skylar another toy horse for her collection to take her mind off the should-have-given-the-picture-an-R-rating scene in the hospital.

This morning, she suddenly leapt up and said, "I need to draw," then brought her horse over to her desk to use as a model. She has drawn from life -- though dead things aren't really alive, are they? -- on a couple of occasions, but this was her most complex subject to date:

The rider, landscape, and rose are the product of her imagination. And the horse looks to be moving faster in her rendering than it does in plastic. But we're impressed with the representation. If you look closely, you can see Skylar's name -- she signs her work now -- bleeding through the back. She has decided that her signature needs to be in cursive. All I can say is, don't tell her that her "a" looks like an "e" unless you are willing to have a serious battle.


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