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Yesterday Once More

After a rough day on the 30th, yesterday was a blast. I had a hard time picking up a head of steam in the morning, but eventually started to get some work done. Skylar went trick-or-treating with Kim at the UMC hospital, next to the cancer center.

Then we carved some more jack-o-lanterns. I hadn't carved my own in a couple years, so it was nice to do one myself. Came out good too.

Once it was darkening, we set up camp in the driveway so Skylar could hand out treats. She enjoyed that for a while, then decided that she did want to go trick-or-treating in the neighborhood after all. I stayed behind to handle treat duties. Afterwards, she was so tired, but the nighttime ritual went well.

Did I mention that Kim was wearing a rainbow wig, her polyester squirrel shirt and fabulous slippers? That Skylar was in her lovely Ariel dress? That I had on my new not-to-be-tucked-in black shirt with orange flames rising up from the bottom?

The rest of the evening Kim and I enjoyed some much-needed alone time, after the hectic of my parents' visit and the build-up to Halloween. It was one of those great turn-on-the-red-lava-lamp days. We even managed to watch the rest of Rosemary's Baby amid the festivities.

This morning, three of our jack-o-lanterns had been stolen. But they wouldn't have lasted anyway, so it's not a big deal.

Tonight we're going to watch Brotherhood of the Wolf, better abbreviated -- in a pun that fuses French and English -- "Wolfpact."

To reference cpratt, "Go us!"
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