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Living in the Zone

Because we live less than a mile from the western terminus of the Catalina Range, we often end up in the rain shadow during the monsoon season. Storms tend to follow the north side of the range and pass us by or come up from the southeast and veer out over the flatness by the freeway. If they go slow enough, we get rain. Or, on those strange occasions when the storms track from north-northwest to south-southeast, as was the case last night, we get deluged. Still, we suffer compared to the east side or "downtown" Oro Valley on the rainfall scale. But our orientation has its aesthetic advantages:

Yes, we live in the rainbow zone. I've seen more rainbows in our four years here than I saw in my previous thirty two. And they're always in exactly the same spot too. It's enough to make even a tract home glow with promise.

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