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Analog Ardent Annapolis

Back in December of 1991 Kim made her first visit to my home in Maryland. She had just changed jobs, moving from Pride House to the Bass Tickets Foundation. That was exhausting enough. But she was also still working fill-in shifts at Pride House on nights and weekends to make extra money. The result was an extremely tired partner who spent most of her visit making toast and flopping on one of the equally tired Bertsch sofas. We did find time to exorcise memories of my previous visit-with-girlfriend -- a large story in itself -- to the accompaniment of Teenage Fanclub's Bandwagonesque, not to mention a stick-shift impaired encounter at a creepy dead-end in Anne Arundel County. We walked around Brock Hall Manor and Brock Hall Estates in order to clear the air after cigarette-related controversies and my parents' squabbling in the kitchen. And we went to Annapolis, all done-up for Christmas, to both our delight:

This has always been one of my favorite "portraits," because I like the landscape to be a factor and am a big fan of subjects that aren't looking into the camera. It also doesn't hurt that I love the person in the photograph to the point of incapacitation, even if her bedroom eyes are thinking only of sleep.

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