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MTV Without the Music or Television

Back in the early days of my relationship with Kim I rediscovered my love for photography, which had lain nearly dormant since my year in Germany. Because it was the first Bush Era and I was feeling the need for something new, I experimented freely with portraiture. I learned to include myself in pictures. And I made love to the diagonal like a man bored with the horizon of expectations.

The fruit of this excessive freedom? Boxes of pictures that recall those heady days when the out-of-focus and off-kilter made MTV's 120 Minutes look like the critique portion of an introductory filmmaking class. Still, not all my results are too embarrassing to gaze upon. I mean, who wouldn't want to frolic about on the absurdly high cliffs north of the Russian River, courting death between Highway 1 and the sea? It's not everyone who gets to star in their own music video:

No, that's not a wig I'm wearing.


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