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Another Found Poem

This time the words run together:
meningitiswhine karl smudgyectopic tear boricconnecticut clothbound sagittalmyoglobin brownish groupoidconsignee lyman placeableniagara shakedown bestowroundhead shun calcareouseyeful asocial insuppressibleoffer blown bidclank acquisition gibberishinfinitude subliminal futuretioga transfix prybloke american vizsepal scrutable royaustin pallid acclaimcomplete wreck sensehinterland ansi cheaterdeepen referring dougfork grind delicatefurther palermo superfluouscaw redstart jesusguernsey speakeasy acrylicinjurious merriment oxnardplaster acanthus gelatinmeet plantain flakewhitehead dynamite trombonereprimand rafael sainthoodeverybody bodice clamentation musicale northlandsherrill lapel ncaradelia dougherty munciepasser tonk amatonsillitis designate cornucopiadrain parapet sourceoblong inverness mossanywhere condemn combatteddeposit desperado nicetyambiguity
I'm partial to "sourceoblong," "grupoidconsignee," and "mossyanywhere." But "clamentation" takes the grand prize. I love the sound of bivalves in the mourning.
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