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This year's monsoon has been a little disappointing so far. We've had a few big storms that filled our flood-control basin, but many days in which a promise of rain was rudely broken. Today, however, we got some serious payback.

While bowling with Skylar at Bedroxx on Ina near I-10 -- her choice as a treat to celebrate her first week of kindergarten -- the lanes suddenly stopped working. The rain outside had grown so intense that the roof was leaking. Then, while we were waiting for the lanes to reopen, the management made an ominous announcement: "If your car is parked near the open lot in back, you must move it now for safety reasons." I went to the door to check on New Silver. She -- our cars must, of course, be girls -- was fine but there was a temporary river a few aisles over. We ended up getting some coupons for free games and spent the rest of our night out playing skee ball in the arcade.

The drive back home was time-consuming yet fun. We made the mistake of trying to take Shannon to La Cholla. The mini-wash right before the light was impassable, so we had to wend our way back to Ina via Mona Lisa, then sit in rain-impacted traffic for a while. But Skylar was happy to experience a totally overcast sky, playing with her "flying kitty" in the back seat with her window down to let in some raindrops.

When we got back to the house, the frogs were out, louder than ever. Nothing like a 90 decibel frog symphony to round off your evening. I do love when it floods. The drama provides a welcome respite from the monotony of heat and sun.

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