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Top Dog

My friend Steven drew my attention to this political test you should take.

This two-axis model -- one for "left" to "right," one for authoritarian to libertarian -- is one I was first exposed to while eating delicious Bockwurst after delicious Bockwurst at Top Dog, a Berkeley institution since 1966. From the beginning, Top Dog has been papered with articles, charts, and comics intended to promote a libertarian point of view. At one point, it must have seemed really conservative by Berkeley standards. Now I'm not so sure.

Anyway, here is an analysis of the chart the test produces, with important personages neatly graphed. (Do you suppose they all took the test, even the dead ones?)

And here are my results and Steven's results.

That means that I'm a little more of a "communist" than Steven is, but he's quite a bit more "libertarian" than I am. But we're both in the same quadrant, as is only fitting for comrades like us.

Good to know that we're closest to Nelson Mandela and the Dali Lama.

BTW, in Dungeons and Dragons our scores would place us squarely in the category of "Chaotic Good" characters. . . presuming of course, that the Right is bad, as we must presume, being on the Left.

Now if I could only scare up a Bockwurst with that Beaver spicy Russian mustard right now. . .
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