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Intermediate - De File
Does Collecting Make You Feel Dirty?
When you have many interests, it's hard to know which ones to pursue at a given time. I love literature, film, visual art, and all sorts of music. But I rarely find myself able to devote energy to all these media at the same time. It's a question of mood. So are the finer distinctions I make within individual media. I may be in a mood for cinema, but will only want to see films on the big screen. Other times, the hassle of going out seems overwhelming and I want nothing better than to curl up next to Kim to watch a DVD.

Right now, I'm in a film and literature period. For the month after I returned from the Bay Area I developed an unusually strong disinclination to listen to popular music, which is normally my most constant cultural affection. Now, I can feel myself coming out of that space, but am not sure what lies ahead. Perhaps it's time to revisit the world of television.

I should also add that my shifting interests extend to the media in which I work, though the periods tend to be longer and the transitions more dramatic. When I met Kim, I returned to my childhood love of painting watercolors. I did it to relax. But I haven't painted anything much in a decade. When we got our first permanent video camera, my still photography fell by the wayside. After both my mini-DV camera and my Olympus OM-1 -- with three lenses and a high-end light meter -- disappeared in December, I turned for solace to the digital camera my mother had passed on to us.

Now that camera is going in for repairs, which troubles me more than it should. I hope it can be fixed at a reasonable price and rapidly. Otherwise, I'll have to sate my visual urges with older material.

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Muse: Salt The Skies - Tortoise - It's All Around You

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