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Second Thoughts

Despite my bold declaration earlier this morning that I would use "inextricably" with the freedom of the bricoleur, I couldn't resist the urge to consult the OED's exemplary quotations:
1598 DRAYTON Rosamond to K. Henry Annot., Vaults arched and walled with brick and stone, almost inextricably wound one within another. 1692 RAY Dissol. World 134 The Sun may be so inextricably inveloped by the maculæ, that he may quite lose his light. 1725 POPE Odyss. VIII. 342 Th' intangling snares deny (Inextricably firm) the pow'r to fly. 1830 D'ISRAELI Chas. I, III. xii. 268 Politics was now inextricably connected with religion. 1887 J. S. BANKS Man. Chr. Doctr. II. iii. 178 In the Roman teaching..truth and error are subtly and inextricably interwoven.
As you can see, every one demonstrates the caution that has been my wont, either fleshing out the implicit metaphor or providing clarification of an ablative nature.

So I'm torn now. Worse still, I'm wondering whether the term "inelegant prepositional phrase" in my previous entry on the subject is technically incorrect when applied to the coupling of "inextricably" and "by" or "with." Or is it my use of the term "ablative" this time wrong that betrays my having gone grammatically soft? Please help me: I'm drowning in doubt!

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