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40 at 40?

As of right now, Barry Bonds has finally attained, however temporarily, a career .300 batting average. His career on-base percentage stands at .441, which would place him third in the major leagues at this point in the season. Of course, this season he's getting on base at better than a .600 clip which, if he maintains it over the next month, would be the best percentage in major-league history for someone with enough at bats to qualify for a batting title -- which he is also in line to win again, BTW -- eclipsing his own .582 mark of two years past. Tonight in Atlanta, he has hit two two-run home runs, pushing him to 38 for the season and 696 for his career. And he recently turned 40. Sammy Sosa, by contrast, who is several years younger and at least as likely to have indulged in performance enhancement, is having his third consecutive year of declining stats. Even A-Rod, who is in the prime of his career, seems to have plateaued and may, in fact, be starting to slide ever so slightly. Of course, he's kind to journalists and wins favorable notices despite his huge contract and the perception that he could have done more to help the Texas Rangers win. Barry, by contrast, appears to confine his kindness to A) his family; B) his longtime friends; C) children; and D) the people who make a living updating baseball record books. But Barry is my man. The beauty of his stroke aside, he's the perfect ballplayer for someone like me who has fixated on data since he learned how to read.

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