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We Can't Win

While I realize the advantages to being able to use the slogan, "W is for waffle," I'm not taking much solace in Bush's backtracking. You see, for once the man was right. We can't win the War on Terrorism the way it's possible to win a traditional war like World War II. That's why calling it a "war" is deceitful and wrong. What troubles me the most is that John Edwards and other Democratic Party spokespersons decided it would be a good thing, not only to mock George's flip-flopping, but to insist that, with better leadership, yes, America could win the War on Terrorism. Making that claim is highly unlikely to increase Kerry's standing in the polls and might end up backfiring. More than that, though, it's just stupid. Any thinking American can see that. Hell, even W had the veil temporarily lifted from his mind's eye.

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