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The Truth Conditions on Counterfactual Subjunctives

While I find John Kerry's difficulty solidifying positions as frustrating as the next Republican-hater -- we want to win, after all -- I'm pretty sure that his so-called "flip-flopping" derives not only from a sense of political expediency but an unwillingness to seem as situationally stupid as his conservative counterparts. Maybe Kerry needs to spend less time maintaining his intellectual superiority and practice sounding like a fool, American style.

In that vein, check out this absurd editorial by The Weekly Standard's editor William Kristol:
It is possible to disagree with the judgment that it was right to remove Saddam. It is irresponsible to denounce that "wrong choice," and the actions that followed from it, without addressing the consequences that would have followed from not going to war.
Somebody enroll this man in a philosophy course!

Then again, if he can skip cheerily down the road of consequences that, "would have followed from not going to war," I suppose I can use the same logic to frolic in Walter Mondale's second term. Why doesn't someone in the Democratic Party put the Vice President's husband on house arrest so he stops making his wife and her boss look bad?

There's no point in taking drugs when you can get high on counter-history.

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