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This just in: Karl Rove has found a black Republican superstar (and another dude who wasn't that super, actually):
Dear Charlie,

Riding on the momentum they helped drive at the Republican National Convention last week, two key Bush-Cheney '04 surrogates come online to chat with you.  Both members of the BC '04 "African Americans for Bush" steering committee and stellar athletes, NFL Hall of Famer Lynn Swann and former Congressman J.C. Watts, bring an experienced viewpoint to the importance of principled leadership.  Swann and Watts, superstars in their own right, will be teaming up with you to discuss their careers and why President Bush is the man who upholds the ideals of all Americans, regardless of race or background.   

Lynn Swann, Thursday, September 9, 11:00 - 11:30 am EDT

NFL Hall of Famer Lynn Swann will take your questions about his experience as a fitness advisor and friend of President Bush.  Swann, who led the first meeting of "African Americans for Bush" in July, will also discuss why African Americans, who traditionally vote Democrat, should cast their vote to re-elect the President this year.

Congressman J.C. Watts, Friday, September 10, 2:00 - 3:00 pm EDT

Former Congressman J.C. Watts, BC '04 National African American Steering Committee Chair, takes your questions about the campaign's grassroots efforts being pioneered by African Americans and other minority groups and discusses President Bush's record of accomplishment and forward-looking agenda for Americans in diverse communities.
Where's Jack Tatum when you need him?

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