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To Blog Or Not To Blog

Following on the general anxiety of my friends and I that I enumerated in my last entry, I had three encounters today with people who think blogging is a bad idea:

1) A colleague of mine, the technology expert mentioned in the entry by Laura I referenced, passed me in the hall and tittered at me, "You have a blog." She then proceeded to interrogate me in the department office, dripping incredulity, about why I would want to something like this. I told her that it was pretty obvious that I wouldn't be making many meaningful friends in my new position and home and am therefore using the blog to reconnect with friends far away with whom I might otherwise lose touch. That's not exactly true, I suppose, but good enough.

2) Another colleague, the guest lecturer in Laura's entry, shouted "You can put it in your blog!" to someone in the hall. The student I was talking to said he was speaking to another student, but I can't be sure, since I didn't witness it. I couldn't help but detect a note of derision.

3) That student in my office then told me how much he dislikes the idea of blogs and said that his two long-distance friends would come back to Tucson and shoot him if he started one.

On the other hand, I talked with Laura, who reaffirmed my sense of why blogging is good.

Better still, I attended a screening of the documentary on Jacques Derrida, organized by the aforementioned guest lecturer, in which the topics of autobiography, privacy, dissembling and, yes, archives were repeatedly broached. I'll write more about the experience tomorrow, if I get a chance, but I do want to note here that I had the bizarre sensation that the entire film was about a culture, our culture, in which blogging appears seductive.

I've never had much use for Derrida, with the exception of his most famous pieces of the 1960s and early 1970s, but the film, dorky as it was at times, inspired me to look more closely at his more "self-indulgent" writings from the 1980s onward. I'm especially keen to check out his Archive Fever.

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