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Moah Noah

I'm sure that National League hitters will eventually adapt to Noah Lowry's change-up and force him to use it less, but right now it's a beautiful thing. The young pitcher most likely to succeed is the one who can A) change speeds; B) change location; and C) cut down on walks. Lowry is doing a great job of doing all three right now. And the Giants have hope because of it.

While I'm on the subject, let me send a shout-out to Brett Tomko's sports psychologist. Maybe creative visualization works after all. I will now commence to visualize myself eating Double Rainbow chocolate and vanilla ice creams with a generous portion of red raspberries cascading downslope towards the melty regions at the edge of the bowl. To celebrate, you know, because we may not get closer than a half game out, but even managing that is mighty impressive when you consider how terrible this team looked at the beginning of the year.

Wait. I forgot to make a gratuitous reference to Wittgenstein. Maybe I can visualize him sitting uncomfortably at Griffith Stadium watching one of the terrible Washington Senators teams of the late 1940s, wondering what it's all about, wondering why he can't bring himself to stop wondering.
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