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Another Belated Welcome

Until I figure out how to customize my LiveJournal design to add more links -- see the sidebar on the right -- I keep having to take some off in order to add others. That makes for tough choices. I read far more blogs on an every-third-day basis than I can presently list. Adding Jonathan Sterne, however, is a no-brainer.

In addition to offering me loads of good advice over the years -- and indicating his willingness to give still more -- he has done an astonishing amount of wonderful scholarship in communication studies and found the time to do the sort of "para-academic" work I favor. And he plays a vicious bass too!

Jonathan is proof that you can meet a true friend at an academic conference, astonishing as that claim may seem. He and his partner Carrie stayed with us in Vallejo twice and became intimate friends with our noble gray beast Tibbs. Not only that, they accompanied me to the laundromat! This introduction is all by way of saying that you should check out Jonathan's relatively new blog. The current entry links to my recent description of the Bad Subjects reading, as well as Kim's comments on it, so you can derive the pleasures of internet incest to boot.

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