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Not Somnolent

It's the middle of the night, but I'm too wired on the full moon to sleep. I went to a concert at Solar Culture, our fave music spot, tonight to see Numbers. The show started very late, so I went to the Cup Cafe at Club Congress first for a "Homer' Odyssey" burger -- tzatziki, olive tapenade, and feta on an oregano-seasoned patty -- that was truly delicious and a Pilsener Urquell to enhance the dining-alone effect.

I saw Sean and Matt at the concert. We all liked both the opening act -- Die Monitr Batss -- and the headliner Numbers. They were similar in feel, capturing the super-clipped, post-punk tension of the New York "No Wave" scene circa, what, 1980? Die Monitr Batss even had a saxophone functioning as both bass guitar and bearer of the melody, minimal though it was. It's so strange to think that James Chance and the Contortions are now one of the most emulated bands.

After the show, Sean drove Matt home and then took me to the Grill. The service was very slow, though friendly, because the place was packed. But we had a long, interesting conversation.

Then, after I parted ways with him, I drove over to campus and went to my office. I took my new banker's type lamp up and got it working. I dropped off a bunch of papers and books "for work" that I'd had piled up forever. And then I decided that it was as good a time as any to take the "cheerio" rug, as we used to refer to it in Vallejo, out of my office and bring it home to be thoroughly cleaned. Since the janitorial staff won't really clean an office with a rug in it, it has gotten very dirty.

The only problem was that the rug was under my very heavy filing cabinet and almost-as-heavy desk. Extracting it took me a long time, since I had to remove files etc. and then put them back in afterwards.

It's done, though, and I feel better for it.

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