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I Love L.A.!

I leave tomorrow for Los Angeles. First stop is Greg's place -- he is once again demonstrating his graciousness by letting me sleep there -- where I will arrive late and tired. Friday will be devoted to drinking coffee with Greg, writing, scouting for inexpensive commodities at IKEA in Burbank, then picking up Joel at the airport nearby. From there, we'll be braving rush-hour on I-5 -- against the commute, I'm hoping -- in order to make it back to Skylight Books on Vermont -- it's in Los Feliz, in case you don't know the place -- for the Bad Subjects reading, which starts at 7:30pm.

Unfortunately, car trouble will prevent Joe Lockard from reading with us. John Brady, the other participant advertised in the listing, is in Vietnam. So that makes two of us. But since Joel and I have presented numerous papers together over the years and collaborated on dozens of projects, including a healthy portion of the introductions in the book, we shouldn't have too much trouble pulling the reading off.

The plan is for the two of us to read the beginning of the introduction to the book as a whole, then present our own pieces. The positive aspect of having only two participants is that we will have more time to give the sort of improvisatory remarks that make the words on the page come alive. In addition, former Bad Subjects Production Team member and Venice Beach merchant Ron Alcalay lives in the neighborhood and will be in attendance to boost our morale.

I'm hoping that we'll get food and drink after the reading. I'm fond of that diner with the noodle dishes down the street from Skylight. And there's always the Dresden of Swingers fame to sate our hipster thirst. It should be a nice evening, though I wish John and Joe were going to be there, not to mention Kim, who was the star of the last Bad Subjects reading at Skylight. Come to think of it, that event happened the same month that Skylar began her long journey into personhood. 1998 seems like a long, long time ago.

The next morning, I drive Joel to the airport in Burbank, then make the lengthy trip to LAX to pick up Kim and Skylar. We plan to keep it mellow that afternoon, hanging out on the strand in Manhattan Beach and making the inevitable trip to Peet's for coffee.

Sunday and probably Monday will be Disneyland days -- we're staying in Anaheim -- since we want to get maximum benefit from our annual passes. Everyone in the family is looking forward to a reprise of the Haunted Holiday Mansion, in which the regular attraction gets a blacklight-friendly Nightmare Before Christmas makeover. Big Thunder Mountain has reopened, so we'll have to do that one again. And Pirates of the Carribbean should be on the slate too.

Tuesday morning, I drive the ladies back to LAX, head to IKEA in Carson to get whatever unwiedly items Kim has asked me to pick up, then hit the highway so I can make it back to Tucson before Kim's guitar lesson. "Wait," you say, "don't you teach on Tuesday?" Yes, I do. But I've arranged for an expert on narratology to introduce my English 380 students to the delights of Henry James's "The Aspern Papers". Thank you, Eric!

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