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Archiv mal wieder

The new item from my archives is one I've unearthed before, for the members of the Bad Subjects Production Team. But since I've had it laying around for years with the intention of using it for something, I thought I'd better finally put it out there before it gets lost somehow. It's a note I wrote for Annalee when we were discussing the possibility of starting a publication in the spring of 1992, her third and my first year of graduate school. Joe and Elliot were also talking about it, obviously, in conversations in which I was only marginally included. Since those conversations ended up leading to the creation of Bad Subjects in August, 1992, my ideas resonate with a bit more historical interest than they otherwise would. It's interesting that Annalee's new publication, Other magazine, includes the broader range of content -- photos, art, fiction -- that I seemed to have in mind when I wrote this note:
for Annø
notes for our publication:
- We can buy thing that pokes holes in paper -- to do binding
- should be regularly put out; we can compile best material into a Qui Parle-like compact glossy at year's end (or even fish for a book contract!)
- I can print the regular edition
- For regular ones we could do a two or three color cover
- We could 'fake' half-tones or even get real ones from Hunza graphics for a limited number of photo or art reproductions
- regular publication makes room for debate
- 'informal' regular publication makes space for shorter 'readings' not of the sort a more formal journal normally publishes.
While I remember the circumstances in which this note was written, I don't recall the specific day or mindset that drove me to put my ideas on paper. Since I have the note, I obviously didn't give it to Annalee. Looking back on it now, from the perspective of my scholarly work on zine culture, it's interesting how much my thinking was in line with the artier Factsheet 5 publications, even though I was only aware of a few of them at the time. At a later date, I'll post some reflections on how reading zines, particularly Cometbus has conditioned my attitude towards blogging.

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