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Punk Takes A Tumble

I was sitting in J.W. Tumbles, a gym for young children, today, typing my film notes for tomorrow's International Arts Society film Tampopo when I realized that the kids were suddenly bopping to the Ramones. Now admittedly, there's something delightfully primal about both punk in general and the Ramones in particular. Still, when you factor in the knowledge that the very capable young women teaching the class are devout Christians, the significance of this "alternative" music selection is obscured by clouds. Is this a sign that the transgressive impulse in punk has finally reached the point of total co-optation? Or does this mean, rather, that punk has finally managed to reach the age range for which it was always already nostalgic? In "Self-Reliance", Ralph Waldo Emerson praises the boy who "is his own master" and defers to no one. That's the not-so-secret ideal behind punk's anti-authoritarianism, I'd hazard.

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