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The (A)e(s)th(et)ics of Cultural Studies

Time to plug a book I'm not in, but wish I were. Michael Bérubé edited the new Aesthetics of Cultural Studies -- buy it here or somewhere more alternative -- which contains essays by many people whose work I respect, as well as two long-time Bad Subjects collaborators, Jonathan Sterne and Steven Rubio.

I'm especially glad that Steven was included in the book because intellectuals who have followed his path frequently get shut out of scholarly publishing, when they are precisely the ones that we need to read most. As loyal readers will know, Steven is the person, aside from Kim, whom I've linked to the most on this blog.

Looking at the table of contents, what strikes me most is that Bérubé sought out contributors who couple their brilliance with generosity, individuals for whom the Yiddish word Mensch is the best description. We all have to make choices in our professional lives. Mine is to side with the folks who are more interested in helping others than promoting themselves.


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