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Straight Outta V-Town

Where geography is concerned, I've always been inclined to find the diamond in the coal mine. If I could find something positive about living in central Prince George's County in the early 1980s, my instinct for redemption must be pretty special. But I recently turned to Kim and said, "You know, we used to live in a really violent place." She proceeded to chronicle the absurd -- warning, I'm going to use one of those excessively intellectual George W. Bush words here -- litany of death and destruction that transpired within five blocks of our home at 617 Napa Street. I realized that, even though I miss Joe, the waterfront, Lil' Ed's ice cream, and elections where the Democratic candidate always wins, I'm very glad not to be living in a place where every trip to the corner liquor store feels like a thrill ride that hasn't been inspected in decades.

Yesterday, the San Francisco Bay Area papers were reporting the strange tale of a couple whose jet ski had run aground in the bay, leading them to spend a cold, wet night outdoors before finally being rescued. The woman had died, presumably of hypothermia. But something about the story didn't add up. Although I couldn't put my finger on it the way Philip Marlowe might have, I was half-waiting for a revision to the narrative. And today it came:
A 35-year-old Vallejo man was arrested Thursday night on charges of murdering his wife, who died in a jet skiing mishap mysterious on San Pablo Bay. Preliminary autopsy findings showed that Jennifer Easterling, whose maiden name was Jevarian, had injuries consistent with having been the victim of an assault, said Sgt. Steve Freitas, of the Sonoma County Sheriff's Department. Corbin Easterling was then arrested outside a friend's house in Vallejo and booked into Sonoma County jail. He is being held without bail.
Add it to the litany. I think I'll keep my once-prized V-Town baseball caps on that shelf in the garage. Turns out E-40 had the right idea, moving to Blackhawk. Anytime the best thing you can say about the place you live is that it's easy to get to other places you like from there, you know you have a problem.

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