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Who's More Afraid?

The upcoming election here in the States is driving everyone I know batty. Mood shifts hour to hour, as new wire stories make the previous ones recede into the sea of memory. Yesterday I was despairing over the absurd manipulation of Kerry's comment about Dick's lesbian daughter. Today I was energized by a boost for the Democrats in the Zogby tracking poll. And then, registered campaign volunteer that I am, I received a plea from the Bush team in my inbox:
Four years ago the President lost a commanding lead on the weekend before the election because the liberals orchestrated a massive get-out-the-vote operation; it nearly cost him the election.  Volunteer now for the Bush Team's vital phone banking and door-to-door efforts.
The narrative here surprises me. Is that what Republicans really think about 2000? Or is history merely being rewritten -- again, again -- to serve Karl Rove's latest scheme? One thing that seems clear to me, after reading through the Bush missives of the past month, is that his people are a lot more worried than they used to be. It's our task, then, to make sure they really had something to worry about.

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