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Enough Said

Michael Bérubé has the perfect rejoinder to all those people -- and I hope it's not too many -- who are still considering voting for Ralph Nader or other "other" candidates:
It would especially help if you began all letters, emails, speeches, essays, books, and other “interventions” by saying, “I am a crusader for peace and social justice for all peoples, but in 2004 I could not be bothered to concern myself with the question of whether the world’s most powerful nation would continue to be run by evangelical Christian nutcases and far-right sociopaths.” That way, the rest of us will know just how seriously we’re supposed to take you. Thanks!
When the Weimar Republic is on the ropes, you have to vote for a party willing to preserve the parliamentary system. Tom Delay's Republicans? They're printing T-shirts that read, "Don't hesitate to invoke Article 48."
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