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A Meme Worth Perpetuating

I'm not one to follow the herd when it comes to memes, but this one is too good to ignore. Thanks to synecdoche for the provocation. I offer my reflections following the chart:

How common are cbertsch's interests
lord of the rings (93179)
punk (93639)
italian food (15302)
sonic youth (13878)
bay area (1442)
berkeley (2058)
college basketball (1715)
etymology (2286)
home movies (5050)
neko case (1099)
pavement (8781)
theory (1721)
avant-garde film (12)
cal bears (36)
creative non-fiction (152)
don delillo (714)
espn classic (41)
fassbinder (143)
german language (469)
leftism (251)
mcsweeney's (413)
michel foucault (440)
midriffs (45)
san francisco giants (555)
tucson (762)
university of arizona (273)
university of california (94)
walter benjamin (191)
weasels (584)
zine culture (12)
lists like this one (3)

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InterestRank was bought to you by _imran_ and

I suppose it makes sense that Lord of the Rings and punk are my most common interests and "lists like this one" my least common interest. But it seems really strange to me that 2286 people share my interest in etymology while only 45 join me in fetishizing midriffs. And how many of the 440 people interested in Michel Foucault do you suppose are also included among the 584 interested in weasels?

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