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Skylar is outside with her friends, engaging in Halloween games. Last night we carved our pumpkins and added the final touches to the yard:

Here is Kim's annual "vertical" carving, with the rounded flourishes that are her trademark:

Every year at her old job they held a carving contest. They eventually had to disqualify her to keep her from winning.

Skylar designed a couple pumpkins. She not only drew the shapes for this "ghoul" face, but cut out the top and the eyes and nose without any adult help:

Go Bean!

At her urging -- and believe me, this girl knows how to urge -- I opted to recreate the classic serrated smile that I've been making for years:

Well, it's time to go don my "flame shirt" and the mask I bought with Kim on our honeymoon in New Orleans, now put to more wholesome uses than it was back in 1996.

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