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Stating the Obvious

Yes, it's finally November 2nd, the day we've all been waiting for so we can either get on with our lives or make alternate plans of the Rosa Luxemburg variety. I'm going to get one of those black hoodies just in case. In the meanwhile, though, don't forget to vote. Skylar has made her choice:

Kim and I will be taking her lead, naturally. I offer you her just-turned-six wisdom: "I'm voting for John Kerry because he wants to share power with other countries. Having all the power is wrong. George W. Bush just cares about the United States. I think he's handsome but I still want John Kerry to win." It's her future, damn it. She deserves a lot better than the self-authorizing asshole who presently occupies the office of President. So do we all, except, of course, for the fools who forfeit what they deserve by voting for Bush.

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