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Idea First

Here's an idea. Instead of being polite and respectful and tolerant with all those X-men and X-men who are well on their way to destroying every ideal of American democracy that still matters, why not just tell them, to their faces, what we think of them? One thing I've learned from this campaign is that the Fundamentalists fear not only people from other countries and Big Government, but us. There's a reason why even in our benighted subdivision there are more Kerry signs than Bush signs. I say we capitalize on that fear with everything we have. If they can't tell the difference between radical Islamic terrorists and people who enjoy reading novels that aren't in the Left Behind series, that's their problem. Let's show them that they would be better off hiding their authoritarian, theocratic, reflex-driven views under whatever discount bushel they can find at the nearest Wal-Mart. They should be ashamed: it's our task to shame them.

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