Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

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Beyond Anonymity

Since several people I know are now in possession of Blogspot journals, I've created a "dummy" blog over there so that I can comment with an identity. Steven -- masoo -- did the same thing at LiveJournal a long time ago and will attest to the move's utility. Now that LiveJournal is free and requires nothing more than five minutes of effort to set up a journal, I'd love to see some of my readers that have been commenting anonymously create identities of their own. That way I wouldn't have to unscreen your comments. For those who need extra help, here's the link that will take you straight to the "Create a Journal" page on LiveJournal. Needless to say, I'd also recommend doing the same over at Blogspot if you want to comment over there.
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