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Big Day Coming

Well, now that the Bears have turned in another lackluster performance and still won easily my anxieties have turned, along with those of all the faithful, to next week's Big Game. That's Cal vs. Stanford, for those who don't know. Most of the time, the team that's favored to win loses. I'm deathly afraid of that happening this year. Because this year, now that Wisconsin has lost, there really is a chance in hell. I won't say it. I'll insist that I can't smell a thing. But the effort to suppress is consuming me. Then again, even if Cal were to beat Stanford -- which is, of course, anything but a done deal -- there's that make-up game at Southern Mississippi. There's more than one way for me to weep bitter tears between now and 2005. At least I won't be tempted to watch the Big Game, since I'll be at my sister's NYC wedding, trying to talk to relatives with whom I have talked very little in recent years, some of whom are -- yes, it's true -- Republicans. At least none of them went to Stanford. . .
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