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Click Your Heels

Skylar, Kim, and Kim's mom are off to the Loft for a special sing-a-long screening of The Wizard of Oz. As much as I would like to have joined them, I need to regroup my mental forces in solitude, recovering as I am from a combination of allergy-induced lethargy and antihistamine-induced mania. But I did take the time to photograph the Bean in her get-up:

I took a number of shots. This one had the right balance between foreground and background, along with the added bonus of the orange spot color along the upper left edge. Close-ups are fine. My preference, though, is for the person I'm photographing to be set in a meaningful context. Our front yard is Kim's hard work and everyone's delight. It's Skylar's place most of all, though. I asked her to click her heels three times so she could, "go back to Kansas." Why would you do that, though, when you could stay in Tucson at its most wonderful?

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