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Travel Blogging

Steven and his wife Robin are in Spain right now. He has expressed his dissatisfaction with other writers' accounts of travel and wonders, on his blog, whether anyone will want to read his postings from abroad. I happen to love travel writing, though, however mundane. Indeed, I often prefer the mundane sort to the rhapsodic musings that transport us to an idealized Provence or Tuscany.

And I'll never say no to someone's vacation pictures. Of course, when my amazing daughter is featured, the incentive to look is appreciably greater. . .

When cpratt and danlmarmot were in Australia, I checked their blogs every day in the hope that a new entry would appear. Sometimes, when they were in the back country, a week or two would go by with no word. And then, suddenly, there would be a flood of news.

I loved the waiting, in retrospect, once I was sure that I had been waiting for something.

I'm not sure how readily I'll be able to follow in my friends' footsteps on my next few trips, but I'll give it a shot. My parents have a dial-up connection, though, so I may not have the patience.
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