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The Last 24

I made burgers for me and Kim yesterday evening while she did crafts with Skylar. I flavored them with garlic, a little lime, and the 21 Seasoning Salute from Trader Joe's that we've had in our spice cabinet since living in Vallejo , then melted gouda over top. They were delicious. While the ladies finished their labors, I did the dishes in an effort to achieve maximal zen-osity. Once Skylar was finally tucked in bed, I headed down for sittinginaroom's Secret Show performance at Club Congress. It was great fun, but I didn't get home until 1:30AM. Then I couldn't sleep, no doubt because I was aware of the fact that the alarm was going to go off at 5am. I finally drifted off around 3am, but was standing bolt upright at the first ring. After a quick shower, I drove down to the Starbucks at River and Campbell to fortify myself for a cold wait outdoors. It was time to apply for Skylar's all-important readmission to District 16, so she can stay at Manzanita School. I chatted with the three people in line ahead of me -- one of whom was a U of A professor in the Music Department -- until the doors opened, filled out the form, then headed off to my office. There I organized my end-of-semester papers, then met with student after student to discuss midterms and papers. At noon I had to go downstairs to speak to our first-year graduate students about what it is that I do and how they might benefit from doing some of it along with me. One student had very specific questions to ask me about punk. The rest looked perplexed. Afterwards, I went back to my office for three more hours of meeting with students. On the way home, I called Joel to make sure the edits for my review of Multitude had made it to Tikkun's graphic designer. Kim then asked me to pick up Skylar's homework and drive it over to Asia Fresh, where the two of them were having dinner. It was my first time there and I liked it a lot better than I thought I would. From there, we drove to the Ina and Oracle Starbucks to procure Bean's peppermint chocolate cookie and hot cocoa. I got an Earl Gray tea and a free New York Times. Now I'm trying to keep my eyes open long enough to finish this entry.

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