September 26th, 2003

Mach die Passagen auf!

In this exciting new feature of my fledgling journal -- and the reason I decided to start one in the first place -- I will present to you, the reader, a document plucked more or less at random from my massive personal archives. My own writing is fair game, naturally, but so is anything sent or given to me. What a friend I am!

Without further ado, then, a postcard dated November 17th, 1989:

Hi Charles! (17/XI/89)

I've been working on a letter to you since the 7th of the month, and it's not even reached the half-page length yet. In fact, I think I shall rip it up as it's perfectly boring. In fact, I'm having trouble writing this card as nothing at all has happened all month. Damn it. I haven't even been approached (much less been laid) -- and A. tells me you've overcome that problem. Gee, it's fun to play "virgin". And who the fuck is that woman on the 5pf stamp? I'm sick of seeing her face.

Sunday -- didn't leave the house all day. TV is dull -- some Bergman film on at midnight tonite. (Thanks for the call!) Tomorrow I'm out to buy books (Karl May, yup) and laze around. Take care - next card is Swiss! (I'm very excited.) Christopher

(P.S. -- You'll be getting an article by Wolf Bierman from the taz -- pls. copy for Seeba)
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It rained all day Wednesday, the lightest, nicest rain -- almost like I imagine Hawaii to be -- that you've ever seen. I had the windows open all day and never had to run the AC, since the temperature stayed below 80 F.

Around midday, I heard the distinctive keening of a hawk. We've had this family of Harris hawks around our "catchment basin" -- dry lake, most of the time, though not now -- for the past week or so. They are beautiful -- and huge -- but also a source of anxiety because of our tortoises, who are daytime creatures.

Since the sound was so close to our backyard, I went out onto the patio to check. At first I saw nothing. Then I spotted two hawks sitting on the roof of our "wife-beater"-wearing , cigarette-smoking neighbor, the anti-social one who lives next to that graduate student behind us.

I enjoyed the sound of the rain and watched the hawks for a minute.

And then an Oro Valley police officer came creeping around the corner of the house and looked in the patio door, then went around to the other side, oblivious to both me and the hawks.

I didn't see him again. But a police car drove up a few minutes later.

Could the hawks have triggered the alarm? Or was it my alarm that did the triggering?
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