December 12th, 2003


Well, Kim has a quiz now too. I'm afraid that I got a really high score. But don't be intimidated! The delight comes in seeing what people got wrong and why.

Oh, and Chris, who started this in my circle of compadres, has done another one, called "Math is tough. Let's go shopping!" Just scroll down till you see it. I didn't do so well on this one, relative to the curve.

Someday I'll post on something weightier. Promise.
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Yesterday Once More

Steven has been reflecting on the results of his comrade probing.

Laura has a test now too, a difficult one. Her son Elliot as well. And his is hardest of all. Must run in the family. We who are less perverse salute you!

And Skylar, to top everything off, has composed a sincere quiz of her own, with the fashionable shades-of-gray grading system.

Will it never end?
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