January 26th, 2004


While Sami and Andrew were at IBT on 4th Avenue with Sami's sister Megan for the benefit to help the recent gay-bashing victim -- drag queens in shiny gold, whom I saw picking the boys up -- I went to my office to work on my course weblogs. But the internet connection was down.

I decided to sort instead. And, by the end of my exertions, I had taken an entire File-Safe box worth of white paper to the recycling bin.

What's the big deal, you ask?

Well, I got rid of a lot of Potentially Important Papers from work and without much regret either.

Am I turning over a new leaf?

I still saved most of the paperwork from my courses and everything from my graduate student advisees and my favorite undergrads -- in individual file folders, no less -- so it wasn't exactly a complete conversion.

It was scary, though, how easy it was to free myself from the archival burden.

Please remember this superficially trivial entry if I go off the deep end in the near future.