February 3rd, 2004

Third in a Series

Another delightful L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E poem came my way today:
oligopoly brandenburg whoa arid alcoa appellant atrium buzzword boeing waist hydronium bragging lank bevy caucasus necromancy art churn muskegon taxicab thus kong englander sagebrush clinton birth smyrna hairy invariable geranium meiosis twig connally cozy pulp thing arteriole fragmentary tegucigalpa bough chub antiquarian lotte dairymen continental tier miscreant darken canton phycomycetes mitral courier sobriquet japan noble scraggly albanian contraband legion tweak carbonium freeboot dessicate pastiche advise colloq diagnosis woodwork absurd duopoly frenetic parch iambic insupportable cure glen cold uproot mooney decide creamery onrushing invert contribute cautionary dunce cozy gin threefold escape lobe lucius obtrusion alcott calvinist inelastic slingshot afire bisque nan bellmen tam quiescent clothesmen doorway candidate greedy assam libya bellmen chancery codetermine interstitial aromatic smart physiochemical jovial brunch wherewithal dedicate atwood einsteinium blanche symbiosis grendel cannonball radix shimmy acidulous aggregate milestone sacrament illiteracy hunch cop anomaly avuncular stephenson chaplin cheater kennel senor resistant curtis prone miraculous rococo collegial ballet embarcadero hooligan pacifist depositary polaris moraine acolyte brad jowl duct luminary chopin least waybill stepson breath canna hansel eavesdropped aesthetic penmen fleshy guise hater musicology pushbutton seaside arthur vanguard ashland vancouver flounder thurman correspondent logjam competitive acknowledge aspartic intemperance cavort adventitious morocco footage confrere encroach intricate tactic pfennig segovia stucco broth tina mural gem atrocity ncr backorder delight mow umbilical buzzer allele southward colorimeter nirvana dormitory gad boil singapore surge adolescent sheen causation access cryptography edge versa manipulable conjugate attract stronghold sacramento detention liken nordstrom circuit karp skinny neva directory commerce plasm jackboot politburo efferent boisterous wack proposal kinesic maria reptile freight thompson acquitting amok shepard worst academic cozy fallacy dispensary poetry radius provost midshipmen seldom subversive abolition minsky phenotype jehovah histamine cyclone kochab phonic maul threesome yak beethoven flinch regulatory compass sladang terminal gone puff clot furl clamber tree basilar applause baseline bookie cod lucid latrobe lain silverware beside indivisible transact recuse resonate irresolute beggar back tame babylon weird nicaragua dactylic vouchsafe convocate anomaly schlitz schoenberg gaberones chaperon bluegrass quarrymen

How about the name "Pfennig Segovia" or "Canna Hansel" or even "Backorder Delight"?
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Desert Sunset

I'm headed off soon to the much-anticipated Cracker + Camper Van Beethoven show, for which I did the feature in Phoenix New Times.

It will probably go late, which means it's lucky that Skylar's surgery tomorrow was pushed back an hour.

After voting this afternoon -- Kim and I just brought Skylar into the polling station -- for John Kerry -- a practical decision, we think -- we came home to have a family dinner and rest.

Kim sent me next door to her parents to get an onion, which led to me getting in a conversation with them about politics. Thank G-d that they are Democrats. I have an increasingly hard time even looking at Republicans. I mean, the Democrats have problems. But this is the worst President we've had in our nation's history, by far.

On the way out of their door, I tripped over one of their "Malibu lights" -- a real term, apparently -- because I was blown away by the rain-swept blush of the sky.

I rushed home, picked up Skylar, and carried her outside to see the sunset, Kim following close behind.

Kim's mom came out to see us and take a picture. Earlier she caught the western sky's high point from her back patio:

Believe it or not, we get sunsets nearly this nice several times a week during the two seasons of potential rain, mid-winter and the monsoon.

I used to be dumbfounded by the people around me on BART who couldn't be bothered to look out the train window to see the spectacular sunsets over the Golden Gate as we travelled between El Cerrito and El Cerrito Del Norte stations.

I'm so, so glad that my five-year-old has already acquired enough of an aesthetic sensibility to understand why I was dumbfounded.

Here's to the beautiful Bean who has a love of beauty.